Use Your Noodle! Swimming Makes a Splash with Brain HealthExercise gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing – a great way to improve your memory and boost your brain health. If you’re looking for an exercise that’s gentle yet extremely effective for the entire body, look no further than the swimming pool.  

Why is swimming easier on the body than other exercises?

In activities such as running and walking, the body comes in contact with the ground, and that impact puts stress on the joints.

When you swim, your body actually becomes lighter in the water. The body bears less than half of its own weight when submerged in water; the water handles the rest. This reduces stress on the bones and joints.

What makes swimming so effective?

To swim, you use your entire body to propel you through the resistance of the water. That results in a total body workout that strengthens and tones muscle while also strengthening the lungs and heart to promote better blood flow throughout the body and brain. Scientists believe the increase in blood flow to the brain from exercise my help reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Water aerobics classes and simply walking through the water are fun and beneficial ways to exercise in the pool as well.

Swim safely

Before you dive in, remember that you should still exercise some caution when swimming. Although injuries are far less common in swimming than in other sports, shoulder and knee injuries can occur from the overuse and extension of the muscles in those areas of the body.

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