Meet our Brain Health Champion - Doing it Right Spotlight: NutritionMeet Pam

Age: 59

Average BHI score: 85

Motto: “Live Life.”

Her key to keeping sharp? Plant-based diet plus exercise

Pam’s mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease prompted her to re-examine her own life in many ways. How could she best help her mother? Was she doing everything she could to stay healthy herself?  Pam’s quest to learn the causes of Alzheimer’s led her to realize the role of lifestyle on brain health. This quickly sparked her motivation to make major changes in her life.

Now, every weekend, Pam picks up a fresh basket of fruits and vegetables from a local co-op. This encourages her to eat fresh and try a variety of vegetables. She cooks more at home and is trying to eat more fish and less red meat. She does believe in the occasional splurge, however, “I don’t starve myself,” says Pam, “if I feel like having candy, I’ll have it.”

Pam’s determination to reduce her risk of dementia and simply feel good, not only led to changes in her lifestyle habits, but became the catalyst for career change. Pam now educates seniors about brain health and even created her own brain health program around the “6 Pillars of Brain Health”. “I want to share the positive message of brain health with everyone.”

Pam changed her career. Pam changed her eating and exercise habits. Pam changed her life and brain health for the better and that’s why she is a brain health champion.