Meet our Brain Health Champion – Doing it Right Spotlight: Social

Jul 13, 2018

Meet Louis

Age: 86

Average BHI score: 79

Motto: “Concentrate on what you can do and continue to do it.”

His key to keeping sharp? Staying active, keeping friends and embracing change

Strikes. Every Saturday morning you can find Louis, along with his buddies, at the local bowling alley trying to “roll a deuce” (over 200 points). Over the thud of hurled, heavy bowling balls and the clatter of toppling pins, you can hear the laughter and amusement of a group of friends joking and teasing one another. “We have a good time,” says Louis. Joining a bowling league in 2004, Louis has made it his Saturday ritual. “I’m happiest at 86 when I concentrate on what I can do and continue to do it.”

Splits become Spares. Despite life’s ups and downs, Louis addresses change and gutter balls with a new angle. He believes in making adjustments in his physical self-care and supporting his mental happiness by maintaining good relationships. He actively seeks the latest in health and fitness information, listens to the advice of his doctor and readily adopts new and better lifestyle habits.  “If I can prevent it, I will,” says Louis.

Meet our Brain Health Champion - Doing it Right Spotlight: SocialKingpin. In the past, Louis jogged 6 miles several times a week, and now at 86, he still exercises but has made some modifications. In addition to bowling, Louis walks 2.5 miles 2-3 times a week with a walking group. He prefers exercising outside, but does have two gym memberships – just in case the weather is bad.

And diet? Louis eats fish 2-3 times a week. Snacks on raisins, almonds, apples and pecans. He prefers small meals and splashes on a little hot sauce versus salt. He limits fried food and wishes his siblings would give up smoking like he did many years ago.

Louis wants to “live to 100 without any help”.  We think Louis is right “on-the-nose” to roll strikes for his brain health for years to come. His dedication to exercise, eating healthy, learning and maintaining friendships makes hims a brain health “powerhouse” and that’s why he’s a brain health champion.