Cerebros SanosWe’ve Been Busy!

Cleveland Clinic Nevada has updated and expanded its HealthyBrains.org website and mobile app, offering a Spanish language version to accommodate more people seeking to better understand their brain health. Our update also includes allowing enrollment of people who live in countries with alphanumeric postal codes. Hello Canada!

While there is no cure for brain disorders, the diversification of the platform will allow for more community members to take a proactive approach to their brain health and learn to reduce the risk of brain disease through a variety of modifiable lifestyle factors.  

Why is Brain Health Important?

“In a volatile time period for drug development, disease prevention through lifestyle factors such as exercise and diet is an increasingly growing and exciting concept in the Alzheimer’s community. In fact, we estimate that nearly a third of Alzheimer’s cases could potentially be prevented by positive lifestyle choices,” said Marwan Sabbagh, M.D., director of Cleveland Clinic Nevada. “HealthyBrains.org is a critical step toward prevention, arming individuals with the tools and resources they need to take control of their brain health, and we are thrilled to now engage with more members of our community.”

Why Everyone Should Think About Research.

“Sufficient clinical trial recruitment, especially across all ethnicities, is one of the largest impediments to drug development, which is why the newly translated HealthyBrains.org platform is a beneficial recruitment tool,” said Aaron Ritter, M.D., director of clinical research at Cleveland Clinic Nevada. “With a diverse group of participants signaling an interest in joining clinical trials, we can begin to bridge the gap in health disparities while we discover new treatments.”

The HealthyBrains.org translation is made possible by generous funding from The Caesars Foundation, which have supported the platform since its launch in May 2015.

“Ensuring the health and well-being of aging adults is one the three pillars of Caesars Foundation’s Will to Do Wonders commitment,” said Jan Jones Blackhurst, Executive Vice President of Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility at Caesars Entertainment, and Trustee Chair of the Caesars Foundation. “The Cleveland Clinic, and its Healthy Brain initiative, offers the tools and resources everyone needs to ensure they’re doing all they can to maintain a lifestyle that promotes long term brain health.”

¿Qué tan saludable es su cerebro? How healthy is your brain?

Join us in our celebration of brain health by taking a free online self-assessment at https://healthybrains.org/brain-check-up/.