Mental Fitness

Useful Tips for a Healthy Brain

Build Your Brain Reserve
You have something called “brain reserve,” which helps your brain adapt and respond to changes and resist damage. Your brain reserve begins to develop in childhood and gets stronger as you move through adulthood. People who continue to learn, embrace new activities, and develop new skills and interests are building and improving their brain reserve.
National Institutes of Health – Cognitive Reserve
You Can Strengthen Your Brain Power

Get educated. It can substantially increase your ability to fight off mental decline. The same is true of working at a challenging job. So go back to school, take classes, get a degree. You’re never too old to learn and your brain will thank you in the long run.
Become a Lifelong Learner
Challenge Your Brain

Take up a new hobby or skill. Study a new language, learn a musical instrument or try your hand at photography. The landscape photography of Jeff Mitchum uses light to view the world differently. Change your perspective.

Art can benefit your brain and mental health. Check out the work of  Vladimir Kush. His metaphorical images will exercise your brain and may inspire you to pick up a brush!
How the Arts Affect Your Health

If you want to firm up your body, then work out. If you want to firm up your brain, listen to music.
Music  and Memory

Islands of Memory - Vladimir Kush


Do crossword puzzles, play chess, card games or online games. These activities can stimulate the brain. Playing electronic “brain games” may help improve your reaction time and problem-solving ability. It is important to find one that you will want to continue to play. Just like going to the gym, you can’t expect to stay in shape if you stop going.