HappyNewYear2016_475x300The Healthy Brains team wishes you a Happy New Year by highlighting ways to strengthen your personal Six Pillars of Brain Health, making 2016 an even better year.

Physical Exercise

The Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials blog is a source of great content on wellness and overall health, especially brain health. This post offers advice to those who may be thinking of starting an exercise program, including how to tell the difference between muscle soreness and an injury.

Food and Nutrition

The MIND diet was unveiled in 2015 with the promise of lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease by more than half by those who follow its recommendations that include lean protein, leafy greens, and berries. Say olé with this Blueberry Jalapeño Salsa, along with a kick of sweetness, the berries provide antioxidants that slow aging in the brain and elsewhere.

Medical Health

Overall good health helps maintain brain health, too. Reducing risk factors for heart disease strengthens the Medical Health pillar of brain health.

Sleep and Relaxation

Research participants who napped scored better on memory tests than those who didn’t, Swiss scientists reported. Authors of the University of Geneva study speculated that while asleep, the brain better “consolidated” recently learned information. Click here for tips on better napping.

Mental Fitness

Learning something new can help preserve memories and improve brain health by strengthening brain power. The focus and concentration needed to master a new skill — which can be anything from learning a language, to tying fishing flies, to writing code — boosts the brain’s cognitive reserve.

Social Interaction

The good feeling we get gathering at New Year’s Eve parties isn’t all from the champagne. People are social animals and being with others spurs brain vitality and brain health, helping make social interaction a foundation for a healthier mind and a happier life.


To best invest in brain health, get a personalized brain check-up, track your progress and consider helping the Healthy Brains cause by participating in a clinical trial.

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