By Dr. Kate Zhong

On Stage475x300.jpgIt was an honor to be a featured panelist at the recent Prevention R3 Summit, where several hundred people filled an Austin, Texas, ballroom to hear how they could take more control of their brain health.

The conference, put on by Prevention Magazine, promised attendees “two days of reviving, refreshing, and reinventing,” but it was I who felt reinvigorated after my panel discussion: “Alzheimer’s — The New Science of Prevention.” It was inspiring to see so many people, mostly women, who wanted to learn more and do more.

Many wanted to know more about our work at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health on the A4 clinical drug trial, which is investigating whether an experimental medication can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Find out more, by clicking here.

Along with fellow panelists Dr. Suzanne de la Monte of Brown University and Heather Snyder, Senior Director of Medical and Scientific Relations for the Alzheimer’s Association, we also discussed the importance of making lifestyle choices to reduce Alzheimer’s risks.

Much of what we spoke about would be familiar to the Healthy Brains community, such as the importance of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. The forum also allowed us to foster mutual support and demonstrate that no one is alone in this fight.

It is always a privilege to discuss what we are about at Healthy Brains. We offer insight into the latest scientific research, risk reduction strategies, and positive lifestyle changes — all of which play important parts in our mission to keep memory alive.

Dr. Kate Zhong is Senior Director of Clinical Research and Development for the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

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