DrCummingsDr. Jeffrey Cummings, Director of Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, attended the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on July 24-28 in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Cummings, a neuroscientist,  is considered a world leader in the field of brain health research and Alzheimer’s disease drug development.

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) brings together the largest collection of researchers, clinicians and investigators that are actively seeking treatments and therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease. The conference’s overall goal is to allow the leaders of brain health to learn from each other and create ways to work together to advance research for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

By collectively sharing study results, discoveries and theories, the Alzheimer’s Association hopes to advance better care for patients and bring experts closer to discovering breakthroughs for new treatments.

Highlights and news from the 2016 conference include:

  • Investigational Drug LMTX, targeting Tau protein, failed in a phase 3 study
  • NIH funded, 10 year ACTIVE study demonstrated brain training reduced risk of dementia
  • Detection of early stages of Alzheimer’s may be possible through eye and nose exams
  • More evidence to support the re-purpose of cancer drugs for Alzheimer’s
  • Changes in personality may be first sign of dementia
  • Men are misdiagnosed with dementia more often than women

”AAIC was a tremendous update on the field of Alzheimer’s research,” commented Dr. Cummings.  “Prevention trials, the Global Alzheimer Platform (GAP) effort to re-engineer clinical trials and the challenges of advancing drugs for tau-protein related pathology were highlighted.”

In an effort to find solutions to the worldwide epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease, the Toronto conference created a “global forum to advance dementia science.” We thank Dr. Jeffrey Cummings for representing HealthyBrains.org and Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in the ongoing effort to develop better patient care and treatments for brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. We hope this gathering of brain health scientists will help bring new therapies to the world faster.

You too can contribute to and impact world brain health by learning more about the important role of  clinical trials in the global effort to prevent and cure these brain diseases.

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