4get 6-8 hours everyday (5)
5essential fatty acid found in fish (5-5)
6downward dog activity that improves balance (4)
9healthy habits that improve how you feel, think and move (8)
12important supplement for people with MS (7,1)
14unpredictable, disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (8,9)
15drink 64 ounces H2O (5)
16makes MS worse (7)


1eat plenty of these colorful foods (10)
2knowledge of a situation (9)
3helps keep bowel movements regular (5)
7famous Disney Mouseketeer (9)
8reduce this seasoning for better wellness (4)
10stay socially connected to help prevent this (10)
11do this activity 3-5 days a week (8)
13practice for relieving stress (10)
14month of MS Awareness (5)

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