AlzheimersAwarenessMonthIn 1983, when President Ronald Reagan first recognized November as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, fewer than 2 million Americans had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Today that number is above 5 million and growing along with our senior population.

This designation provides an opportunity to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease and acknowledge the sacrifice of the families and work of the caregivers who contend with the disease every day of the year.

Over the last three decades the medical community has become aware of the huge scope of the challenge being faced across the globe and marshaled its efforts to the fight.

Much has been learned by the work of many of our brightest minds, yet a cure remains elusive. Still, this research has provided new insight into the workings of the brain and of new ways to keep it healthy.

One of the goals for Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month is to make the public aware of the ways people can take control and lower the risk of becoming victims who burden their families.

The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health provides online tools at its Healthy Brain Initiative website, or app, where people gain personalized insight into their brain health.

An online brain checkup provides a Brain Health Index (BHI) that can be rechecked to see improvements brought by lifestyle changes recommended as part of the Healthy Brains Initiative’s Six Pillars of Brain Health. Once there, visitors can enlist in the front lines of the fight by volunteering for clinical trials.

These small steps can produce big results: Get involved. Stay healthy. Keep memory alive.

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